Our external condom catheter for men with urinary incontence can be bought here!

Urinary Incontinence often forces men to use adult diapers. GeeWhiz People who use our urinary Incontinence Product are those who are hoping to live a more free life and our external catheter for men might be the answer to help them live a more free life while living with urinary incontinence.

Our external catheter for men is ideal for...

being used at home, whether that's a convalescent home or an extended care home. It's also extremely useful for post prostatic surgery and interstitial cystitis patients.
Anyone else who has other stress problems that result in urinary incontinence can also benifit from our external male condom catheter.

our external male condom catheter also helps all sorts of people with their urinary incontinence including travelers, truckers, airplane pilots, divers, Golfers, Sports Fans who don't want to miss that home run and Hunters who have to be very patient waiting for their game.

Our Urinary Incontinence Product offers many benefits. Click Here To See More.

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About External Condom Catheter Geewhiz ®

Merlin Medical Supply is a distributor for the GeeWhiz External Condom Catheter. Realizing that Male Urinary Incontinence issues can present challenging health and life style issues, we strive to distribute the best external condom catheters  which is called the GeeWhiz.  Our external condom catheter is Medicare approved and also approved by some private insurances. The...